Benefits of Yoga for the Elderly

man doing yogaYoga is a great way for anyone to get active, no matter what age. Elders will especially benefit, because many other forms of physical activity such as weight lifting or running are not an option for them. Natural Holistic Healing Approach maintains that it’s a great way for elders to keep on their toes and alleviate the symptoms of several chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or arthritis. By combining relaxation and breathing techniques with a variety of physical poses, seniors will find their overall health and well-being improving in no time.

I speak from experience when I say that yoga helps you sleep like a baby. Weather it be its physical aspects, or its breathing and relaxation techniques, practicing will definitely improve quality of sleep. This aspect of yoga will especially benefit seniors, since getting a good night’s rest is important due to their already lower energy levels.

Blood pressure has also been known to decrease because of calming techniques as well as physical activity performed when practicing. The use of relaxing music while calming techniques are done also aids in the decrease of blood pressure.

Elders often suffer from joint and muscle pain. Because of it’s slow movements and stretching, yoga is a wise way for seniors to alleviate chronic pain in their joints and muscles. Through smooth movements as well as static poses, muscles are stretched and joints lubricated, vastly improving any senior’s range of motion and flexibility.

Although yoga is a great workout for seniors, there are forms of practice which should be avoided. Certain forms of practice may be to strenuous or be too physically demanding. Seniors should know what their form of practice involves beforehand.

It has been said that the three major components to a great workout for seniors is low impact cardio, resistance training and stretching. Along with these three components, yoga can improve sleep habits, chronic pain and blood pressure, making it the perfect and arguably most beneficial workout for elders out there.

Gaiam Yoga Chair vs Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair

yoga exercise ball chair from gaiamExercise ball chairs are a good way to improve posture. When you use one of these ball chairs your strengthen your core muscles just by balancing on the ball. You also work your leg and hip muscles in order to stay balanced. There are two ball chairs that are the most highly rated, Gaiam and Isokinetics. Is one of these chairs better than the other or are they so similar that both balls are good options?

Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair

This yoga ball balance chair from comes with five lockable wheels and a cushioned backrest. The wheels and the backrest are adjustable in height for your comfort. The Gaiam ball chair is recommended for people 5 feet tall to 5 feet 11 inches tall. The weight limit is 300 pounds and it comes in your choice of colors. When you purchase this chair you receive a bonus DVD that includes three twenty minute and three 10 minute workouts. The DVD also has a section on core stretching and strengthening exercises that can be performed with a yoga exercise ball chair.

Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair

The Isokinetics ball chair comes with five wheels that have four different height adjustments. The cushioned back support can also be adjusted in four different positions for your comfort. When you purchase the Isokinetics ball chair you receive a bonus tape measure that ensures your ball is properly inflated for your height. You have you choice of ball colors with this chair and it has a 300 pound weight limit.

The Gaiam and Isokinetics exercise ball chairs are very similar in their specifications and price points. They are the top rated ball chairs available. The Gaiam is considered a better value because it comes with the bonus DVD and is rated higher in comfort and durability. However, the Isokinetics chair does offer the free measuring tape to ensure you have the proper inflation for you, which is also a great feature. If you are considering an exercise ball chair either of these brands is a great option.

Does a Kneeling Chair Help with Scoliosis?

kneeling chair improvement on scoliosisAs the name suggests, a kneeling chair is a piece of equipment that supports the buttocks and the back while providing extra appendage where the knees are placed in a “kneeling” position. More and more offices are adding this to their equipment, providing employees with a more posture-friendly sitting option.  Kneeling chairs have been shown to have tremendous benefits on posture (, but does it help with scoliosis?

Scoliosis and Posture

There is no defined evidence linking bad posture as a cause of scoliosis. Although scoliosis is typically a birth defect, studies reveal that bad posture can make scoliosis symptoms worse. Defined as an abnormal curvature of the spine, people with scoliosis usually suffer from persistent back pain.

It can be very useful office furniture if you want to maintain proper posture while working. The knee portion of the seat helps thrust out the chest, straightening the spine and preventing you for slouching. In this position, all the bones and muscles are perfectly aligned in their proper places, therefore preventing any locking, tightening or friction between the bones which can lead to back pain.

Does It Help with Scoliosis?

The simple answer for this is: yes. In the case of scoliosis sufferers, a kneeling chair can offer massive posture improvement and pain relief. Its one of the best chairs for back pain available today:  Since the spine is basically curved and uneven, scoliosis sufferers have a harder time dealing with the common straight-backed seat. With the knees providing most of the support, the spine is relieved of any pressure while strengthening the muscles of the back and the abdomen. From the lower back, the spine curves outward and gently push the shoulders into a straight position, preventing the development of a “hunched” posture.

The design of the chair allows you to unconsciously assume proper posture and prevent regression to old habits. After just one week of use, you’ll be able to experience less back pain, whether it’s a symptom of scoliosis or not. Unlike other seats where the bottom half of the body remains sedentary, a kneeling chair encourages thigh and calf movement, therefore providing you with effortless workouts during the day.

The Health Advantages of Kneeling Chairs

advantages of knee stools People who have experienced lower back pain after using ergonomic chairs and even conventional office chairs usually recommend a kneeling chair as the perfect solution. However, many people do not know anything about kneeling chairs (learn more at knee posture seat). For this reason, this article aims to enlighten them about them and their unique benefits in comparison to any other type of chairs.

What exactly are kneeling chairs?

Kneeling chairs may not resemble ordinary chairs in any way at first glance. A kneeling chair has two main features: a support pad that is in front of the seat for resting your shins or knees and a seat that is angled forward at approximately 20-30 degrees. 

The seat’s forward slope on a chair reduces the angle that you use for resting your thighs. The support pad lets your shins or knees to provide a little more support to your body than usual and consequently, it provides a more natural result and more comfortable posture especially since it relates to your spine.

The advantages of kneeling chairs

The purpose and basic advantage of these chairs is that they help in promoting the proper alignment of your spine when you use them properly.  Read reviews at kneeling chair reviews. Any other type of chairs especially non-ergonomic chairs have a tendency of leading users into postures and positions that place an unnecessary amount of stress on their backs and they can experience back pain because of prolonged sitting. Kneeling chairs can help in providing a more natural posture and feel. In effect, they reduce comfort, and increase productivity.

Kneeling chairs are a perfect solution for those who have had lower back pain especially discomfort that goes as far down as their tailbones after using other types of chairs. According to various studies, a well-designed kneeling chair that has a seat angle of approximately 20 degrees helps in maintaining your standing lumbar posture better than a standard computer chair does.